Give us a try!

As I enjoy labor day weekend with my family I am grateful that direct sales (social selling) has given me the opportunity to work from wherever I want, when I want to.    It truly is a gift, whether you just need extra holiday cash, want to pay off debt, save for college.   Many don’t consider that this is the perfect time of year to give it a try.   This fourth quarter of the year is our biggest season because our custom created, inspirational pieces make such wonderful gifts.    My designers typically earn the cost of their kit back in just their first jewelry bar so there is really nothing to lose but so much to gain.   Although it varies for every Jewelry Bar we do and the amount of guests, sales, etc; my personal Jewelry Bars I earn on average  (after expenses) anywhere from $75 to even over $100/hr.   Plus I get to pick the nights and days that I work!    Please contact me at if you would like more information on making this amazing opportunity work for you.    Or if you are ready to join, please go to the Join link above!  Be sure to include my Mentor ID 1136 as I will be working with your closely to make this a successful venture for you!   It is the perfect time to give us a try!  Click on the Say Hello picture below to learn more!10494681_10152297908697297_453220379592970018_n

Summers End!

Wow!  Can you believe we are on the last week of summer break!  At least here in Western New York.    Many schools around the country have already been back in session for a bit!    I am thankful that my Origami Owl business lets me work from anywhere so I could spend this last week enjoying my children.    I have a confession to make!  I love summer break, but I would b10468023_696961967044827_4250016275363801537_o

Ground yourself!

I simply can’t get enough of our new CORE collection!   In fact I am loving my designer discount right now because I keep ordering more!   I feel very grounded when I wear it.   My go to necklace currently has the North Starimage image, serendipity, and love you more charms.   Each I chose because it has specific meaning to me.    The packaging includes a beautiful saying with each piece.    Love!

“Serendipity” is my favorite piece in the Core collection!




From Origami Owl’s Facebook page:

The Perseid meteor shower peaks tonight! Scientists say that because of residual light from the latest “supermoon,” we’ll be able to see a meteor every five minutes or so. If you’re not the outdoorsy type, you can watch NASA’s live streaming video. It’s stormy here in Arizona tonight… we’d love to hear if you get a better view!

My Origami Story’s Next Chapter


My O2 journey is taking a turn this fall.   I look forward to this next chapter in my business.  I consider it the chapter of a girl who started this company a little bit of a scared mouse and has grown into leadership and training – I still can’t believe the transformation myself!   I have done a lot of traveling around the country the last two years, working to build my Team Freatman All Hearts team into a wonderful group of ladies and gentleman that are thriving.   This is not nearly all my doing.  I have been blessed with the most amazing women leaders in my organization that have made the same transformation as I and are thriving in their own businesses.   I am so thankful and appreciative to them!   It is because of them that I am able to make a change in my business this fall.   Don’t let me mislead you.   Becoming an O2 Designer does not mean you are required to travel all around the country.   This was something I chose to do to support my team and my personal business.   The organization was so new, there were simply not enough leaders to teach.   I have designers all over the country that are growing very successful business right in their own neck of the woods.

Why this change in my path for the rest of this year at least?   You may also be wondering why I feel the need to share it.  Trust me, I do not believe that everyone feels the need to know what is going on with my business or that I am changing things in my personal life structure.    I share in hopes that my journey and success touches others so that they to can see that this opportunity with Origami Owl is not about selling jewelry, it is about changing lives.   That anyone can do this and anyone can choose to change their life for the better at any given moment.  I also want people to see that direct sales (social selling as we like to call it) does not deserve the stigma that it has.  This business is going to allow me to stay home with my family and work part time while making a full time income for the next four months so that I can get my children settled in middle school.   This is not income from my team commissions either (I consider that a bonus), this is from my personal Jewelry Bars.  I struggled with this as I don’t want to let me team down, but that is simply silly because I can offer them all the same things right from home thanks to webinars and social media.   I had one of those “a ha” moments this weekend that let me know my struggle with this was just silly and I am doing exactly as I should be.

I have a child with special needs.   I won’t get into his story as that is for our family, but because of Origami Owl I was able to stay home and homeschool him last year.   For him, however, school can offer more structure; and lets face it, I am not a teacher!  I have been grappling lately as to whether my decisions about school, home, work, etc are all the correct ones.   Just like every other mom out there – I realize this is nothing new.   Now my ‘a ha” moment may not seem like much to some, but for me it was just what I needed at the right time.   I feel like there was a greater spirit involved, and am moving forward so comfortable with my plans for this fall now.

I was attending a meeting in Hershey, PA, this past weekend.  I almost did not go because I was overwhelmed with some things at home and getting the boys ready for school – my youngest is starting middle school and my oldest is re-entering public school along with starting middle school.   I was attending this meeting for some training for myself, and my family told me to go so I did.   I struggled a bit while there as these other things were on my mind, and I knew it was the last time I would be out in the field for a while with my fellow O2 leaders and designers.

Driving home the neatest thing happened.  I was driving down Route 15 through PA.   If anyone has ever bee on it, you will know it is a breathtaking drive through lush green mountains (well our little mountains that we have on the east, nonetheless – gorgeous!).   You feel like you are floating through the sky around the tops of them and it is for me a very spiritual drive.  I had my playlist playing on the radio and it was on shuffle.   I have a very eclectic playlist.    Here is the strange thing.   It started out and after a couple songs it kept repeating a few of the songs – almost doing a mini shuffle within the shuffle.   I was singing along contemplating my life while the songs played and did not even realize this was happening for a little bit – it was like I was working things out in my head as the songs clicked along.   These songs kept rotating in over and over (it was a 70 mile drive so I found it strange that out of all the songs on my playlist these three kept owing up with only a couple random songs in between – City on a Hill, Automatic by Miranda Lambert, Meanwhile Back at Mamas by Tim McGraw, and Just Give Me a Reason by Pink.   See the theme that I found ironic!   All songs that dealt with my decision to ground myself and focus on things coming up this fall and family.   Don’t get me wrong – when I travel it is usually for no more than two nights and on weekends, so I have the fortune to be home for my kids almost 24/7, but this fall I foresee needing those weekends home too.    So as I drove through those hills I started feeling better and better and excited for my shift in how I run my business this fall.    So here is the stranger thing.   (Yes, it is ok if you think I am crazy by now!)  There are two things that I love that I find calming – as strange as it sounds – hills (wooded hills) and water.   Thus my love for the Finger Lakes region of New York and Keuka Lake.   My son was staying at my parents who live there so I was heading to Keuka Lake first to pick him up.  As I got to the New York/PA border and the mountains starting changing to the beautiful rolling foothills of Central New York those songs went away and the tempo changed (again I didn’t really notice this at first).  As the moods of the songs changed my singing grew louder and I completely felt like I was happy with what was in store this fall, my redirection of commitment to balance, and all that was in store.    I realized this was happening when the song On Top of the World by Imagine Dragons played for a second time right after  All of Me by John Legend (which made me think of my husband) and Mirrors by Justin Timberlake.   The funny thing is that the original songs that were making me think through all of this stopped repeating.

Yes, completely and most likely just a coincidence, but in the big picture it worked for me and combined with the beautiful scenery I was driving through it was very profound.   Sometimes you just need to slow down and take in the scenery!

Wise words!

I have been reading the book and following The Flip Flop CEO on Facebook.   Love this post from them:

“Rather than sitting around waiting for the world to change, start making changes within your own sphere of influence. What can you do today that would help make the world around you a better place? By making the changes you wish the world would make you instantly and automatically make the world better.”

~The Flip Flop CEO10345828_833865066638708_4851878992508505748_n

Why culture is important.

It is a wonderful feeling to have great pride in the company you own.   I am proud to be an Independent Designer and a Senior Director for my Origami Owl team.   This video shows how Origami Owl has amazing jewelry, but it is also a vessel to create hundreds of jobs here in the United States both through designers and our employees that work at the “nest” (our home office in Chandler, Arizona).   For me a company with deep religious values, a mission statement to be a Force for Good and to Inspire people is a perfect fit!  I especially love that it is a family oriented company.   Girls and boys as young as 12 years old can sign up to be an ambassador and work with their parents or guardians.  We have special programs for our “owlets” to teach them life and business skills.   Origami Owl has also shown that their main focus is enriching people’s lives by recently announcing their partnership with Grand Canyon University to take discounted online college courses, O2 University, Health, Life, and Accident Insurance options, and the ability to be an ambassador for Childhelp’s Speak Up Be Safe programs.   O2 is a company dedicated to changing the face and direction of social selling.  Create your own highlight real!   If you feel O2 could be a fit for you and would like more information on supplementing your income or creating your own business, please reach out at Click on the picture below to see why Origami Owl is different!  My passion is following our company’s10524741_813439258676379_1185378756641809799_n mission to change people’s lives!





Say Hello!

Click on the link and Say Hello to Origami Owl!   We just had the most amazing National Convention and our new products for the fall are unbelievable!  Here is a sneak peak!   We also will now be offering Limited Medical Insurance for all active Origami Owl designers which is great for those families burdened by high co-pays etc!  This is a supplemental benefit which also includes options for Dental/Vision and Life Insurance!   Our designers can also earn discounted college courses from Grand Canyon University!   I am also so excited by our new partnership with Swarovski Crystals as one of their exclusive customers!   We have over 300 new items and more!  This gallery is just a sneak peak!   There really has not been a better time to become an Origami Owl designer than now!   Join my top national team and receive full support in growing your Origami Owl team.  Please contact me if you would like more info!  Click on the photos to see larger image.

I’m Happy!



Joining Origami Owl has been by far the best decision I have ever made.  It has not only changed my family’s life forever, but thousands of women and men who have taken this journey alongside me.  From the designer who joined because she simply loves our jewelry and wanted to share it to the designers who have joined and forged full steam ahead to get out of a job they did not enjoy, pay down debt, pay medical bills, take their family on a vacation, or use their income to pay it forward.  How can you not love a job where you set up a jewelry bar (my favorite spot is on the hostess’s kitchen table), have everyone sit together and create their meaningful creations.   It is an honor to hear their stories of why they are choosing particular charms to put in their lockets or see their excitement as they make a gift for someone.   I leave smiling every time!